Australian Beach and Surfing Culture: Toxic Masculinity

Media plays a significant role in producing culture. They create images of people involved in certain cultures and convey culture-related messages to the audience consuming media. Unfortunately, representations created by various commercial media resources contribute to various negative effects, such as sexualization and marginalization (Olive, 2015, p. 261). As a result, it can create a … Read more

Do teachers’ self-fulfilling prophecies boost student IQ? Hypothesis

Do teachers’ self-fulfilling prophecies boost student IQ? Researchers randomly selected 50 students and told their teachers that these students scored very highly on a new intelligence test and are expected to be special when they get older. Student IQs in general for this grade level are μ= 100 and σ=15. After one year, researchers tested … Read more

Whether the Alliance Between Therapist and Patient is the Strongest Predictor of Treatment Outcomes

The therapeutic alliance is considered one of the main factors influencing the treatment process in counseling. There are numerous definitions of the therapeutic alliance. However, it can be broadly defined as “the collaborative and affective bond between therapist and patient- the collaborative and affective bond between therapist and patient” (Martin, Gaske & Davis, 2000). In … Read more

Life After Being a Police Officer: Essay Example

Being a police officer is a huge responsibility. This job is unique and changes numerous aspects of an individual’s life. People working in the police face numerous dangers. Thus they have more power compared to others. At the same time, police officers enjoy their job because it’s more than just a job; it is part … Read more

Military Planning of the 1991 Gulf War – Essay

Introduction The 1991 Gulf War is considered one of the most well-known conflicts of the 20th century. This conflict became so well known because of Saddam’s spontaneous aggression against Kuwait and the flawless military operations organized by the U.S. The Gulf War is also quite interesting because each side pursued goals and objectives. Moreover, the … Read more

An article critique – “Universal Museums, museum objects, and repatriation.”

The problem of repatriation is especially sharp in the modern globalized environment. There are different views on how museums should handle different cultural objects. The scientific community still argues about the most efficient ways of protecting different parties involved in the repatriation process. The article “Universal museums, museum objects and repatriation” was written while the … Read more

Hiring ex-convicts – Essay

The modern correctional system has numerous negative aspects. In some cases, instead of correcting and helping convicts, it fosters their desire to commit crimes again and become recidivists. As a result, convicts have no opportunity to integrate into society after they leave prison. Thus, it increases recidivism and crime rates. Different methods should be used … Read more

Racialized and gendered identities in video games: Essay

Games are a perfect example of how identities can be depicted with the help of different stereotypes. It is necessary to note that in the past, identities in games were more stereotypical and primitive than in the modern gaming industry. This change towards realism was caused predominantly by the development of technologies and the tendency … Read more

What is the difference between Ethics and Morality? Essay

Since the beginning of humanity, people have used morality and ethical principles to foster peaceful coexistence in society. Moreover, morality and ethics constantly change and evolve and may vary significantly depending on cultural and social contexts. Though morality and ethics define human behavior in different situations, they are very different. It is also important to … Read more