How to be a good friend: Essay

Being a good friend is a challenging task. However, establishing a real long friendship is needed for every person. It can take years, but it is worth every single effort made. Of course, if a person wants to have a good friend, he has to be a good friend himself. Friendship depends on different aspects, … Read more

Hobbes’s theory of materialism: Essay

Historical background Hobbes was close to noble families, which allowed him to realize his scientific abilities and, at the same time, affected his social and political views thinker. Before Hobbes, almost all philosophers, even those who promoted the idea of determinism, thought that human beings have free will. The main and most famous works of … Read more

The Impact of Environmental and Biological Factors on Intelligence and Achievement: Essay

Defining Achievement and Intelligence There are different definitions and classifications of intelligence; however, most scholars agree that intelligence is the ability to use different mental abilities. According to Sternberg’s triarchic theory of successful intelligence, people have analytical, creative, and practical intelligence (Berk, 163). Intelligence consists of different components, which are influenced by biological and environmental … Read more

Culture and Health Outcomes: Essay

Learning outcome: Question: What is the most appropriate definition of culture? Explain your choice using an example of health outcomes. Why does it matter? In accordance with previous readings, the most appropriate definition I would give for culture is that it is a fluid and learned set of beliefs, values, traditions, behavioral conventions, and religion … Read more

The History Of Arabic Language: Essay

Nowadays, the Arabic language is one of the most widespread languages belonging to a group of Semitic languages. About 300 million people use this language in their daily lives (Abu-Absi, 2012). Moreover, about 1 billion people in such countries as Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and Tanzania study the Arabic language as a foreign second language. Habeeb … Read more

The Life of Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli is an Italian designer who became popular in the first half of the twentieth century. She is considered the creator of the Pret-a-porter style, and she was the main rival of Coco Chanel. The creativity of Schiaparelli is a shining example of surrealism in fashion. Today the name Elsa Schiaparelli is known to … Read more

Using YouTube in Classroom: Essay Example

1- Introduction about Using YouTube in the Classroom YouTube is the most popular video hosting nowadays. According to Rowell, “YouTube is appealing because it is easy to use.” (p. 58). Therefore even a child can easily get access to YouTube. Of course, videos are predominantly entertaining. A huge part of the videos hosted on YouTube … Read more

Amazon Company Profile: Essay Example

Amazon Background Information: At the beginning of the 90s, the popularity of the Internet increased worldwide among people. Therefore, companies and entrepreneurs started to seek opportunities to start internet businesses. In Seattle, WA (1994). Jeff Bezos founded and began selling books online in 1995. In just 30 days, he sold books across the U.S. … Read more

Reaction to the character “Ava” in the movie Ex Machina (2014): Essay Example

Ava is one of “Ex Machina” ‘s central characters. This character is quite interesting and complicated at the same time. Though she is an artificially created robot, she is very similar to a human being. Moreover, it can be claimed that Ava managed to become better, smarter, and even more moral than Caleb and her … Read more