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Importance of Being on Time in the Army

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Being in on time is highly important for numerous reasons. It should be noted that the army is focused on making people more disciplined, and all rules that soldiers must follow were created to protect him as well as others from any potential harm. Therefore, being on time means being disciplined and minimizing various negative consequences, especially in a hostile environment. If a soldier is disciplined, it means that he is always ready to act. Knowing that a soldier is disciplined and is always on time significantly increases collaboration, morale, and trust, which contributes to better effectiveness on the battlefield. In the extreme environment, every second matters. Therefore, being on time means valuing every second and understanding the huge responsibility that every soldier bears.

Apparently, being on time is important not only for those who are in the army but also for civilians. However, while for civilians, being on time is a matter of etiquette and good manners, for a soldier, it can be a matter of life and death. Therefore, soldiers can be punished for not being able to do something on time because they have significantly more responsibilities than civilians. Every soldier is obliged to follow the orders, and every order has a specific deadline and is limited in time. Therefore, being on time is essential, especially during difficult and dangerous missions, when all soldiers must rely on each other and act not separately but like one organism or a war machine. There is a strong brotherhood in the army, and this brotherhood wouldn’t exist if soldiers were constantly late and not disciplined. Every soldier must act like a team player and not like a one-man army.

Obviously, being a team player is as important as being on time, and it is impossible to be a team player without being on time when it is needed. Every soldier has a specific role in the army, and combining these roles is vital for achieving military goals. For instance, such serious military operations as the Gulf War or anti-terrorist operations wouldn’t be possible without teamwork. Before soldiers attack the enemy positions, these positions are usually bombed by aircraft or by artillery fire. Moreover, before these positions are bombed, scouts and spies gather all the information about enemy dislocation. Hence, working as a team significantly decreases military losses and increases chances for success.

To sum up, armies with the highest discipline and great teamwork always achieve great results and accomplish even the most difficult military goals. Soldiers must remember that the army is like a society within society with its own rules and principles that should be followed. These rules were written in blood by thousands of soldiers who had died before. Hence, it is necessary to use the experience of past generations to minimize military losses. Being on time and acting as a team player are two of the main rules that every soldier should remember. It is a soldier’s duty to protect his brothers in arms, to protect his country, and to protect himself. To do all these things, soldiers must follow these basic rules and always remember that no war has ever been won by only one soldier and that their brothers in arms will always take care of them in extreme situations.

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