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How to choose a major: Essay

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Usually, the problem of choosing a major arises within two categories of people. The first category of people are people who haven’t found something interesting for them yet. The reason for this is that teacher in high school wasn’t able to make these people become interested in something, and their talents are still buried in the ground. These guys can learn well, but they don’t have any passion. Their life is quite boring or just monotonous. They don’t know what they want to do in future and don’t care about choosing a major. The second category of people was good at high school. They have numerous hobbies; however, they can’t decide what major would be more interesting for them.

Psychologists believe that when choosing a major, it is very important to define the right relation between the psychological characteristics of the person and the relevant characteristics of the major. The main criterion is that the major should be really interesting. If a person likes animals and plants, then this person might be interested in a major related to biology or environmental studies. If you love the technique and mechanism, then it would be wise to choose a major related to computers, engineering or else.

Any profession requires a person to have a set of so-called “professional qualities.” Therefore, while choosing a certain major, it is important to understand whether you have the required abilities and appropriate professional qualities. If there are any doubts, it is necessary to choose a major where your abilities will be implemented in the best way so you will achieve the greatest success.

Finally, the type of professional activities must match your personal characteristics. If a person is sociable, then it is necessary to choose a major associated with numerous social contacts, and if a person is emotionally unstable, he will not be able to perform routine activities requiring concentration for a long time, such as working at the office.

It is not necessary to rely solely on the prestige of the major, forgetting about own desires and capabilities. People can be wrong in choosing a major. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure that this choice is totally right as my whole life in future totally depends on this choice.

It is also not recommended to blindly follow friends; otherwise, you risk choosing the wrong major if counting only on the opinions of others. Of course, it is always good if friends have chosen the same major, but friends shouldn’t be the only factor influencing the choice of major.

If a person is interested in a certain major, then talking to people who have chosen the same major might help to define whether this is interesting for you or not. It is even better to talk to professionals who have acquired this major in the past and have great working experience.

There are also special tests which can help to choose a major. These tests analyze different aspects of individuality and character and propose the best suitable majors for the person. Such tests can significantly narrow down the choice of profession and at least define an approximate field of interest.

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