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How to Bypass Originality AI Detection?

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Originality AI can be quite annoying, not only because it is quite inaccurate but because you can get yourself into trouble with so many institutions and employers relying on this tool. Fortunately, there are several ways I’ve personally tested in October 2023 that you can use to avoid Originality AI detection. In this article, you will learn about tools which will help you avoid AI detection and which work 100%

Disclaimer: Using AI to write your essays and academic papers is unethical, and I strongly discourage readers from doing this.

This article will be pretty short, as there are not so many tools that actually work. While most of them claim they can help you avoid Originality AI detection, in reality, they charge you money for nothing. So, without any further interruption, here are tools which will help you bypass Originality AI detection as of October 2023.

1. Avoid Originality AI with GPTInf

GPTInf is a relatively new paraphrasing tool, which works really well in bypassing Originality AI content detection. While it has a pretty simple interface, it paraphrases your text really well without losing your ideas and meaning. So, let’s see how exactly this tool works.

For the purpose of this article, I’ve generated a small essay on the topic: “What are the benefits of carrots?”. As expected, Originality AI has identified it as 100% AI-generated content.

Now, we’ll just put this text into GPTInf, and let’s see whether it can bypass Originality AI detection after that. You can sign up with your e-mail and start instantly using GPTInf. Every user has a 250-word limit for free, and if it is not enough, you can pay for the subscription.

It takes around 30 seconds to paraphrase 250 words, so while the paraphrasing process is quite time-consuming compared to other paraphrasing tools, it is totally worth it. The newly generated text effectively avoided Originality AI detection and got a 95% human score.

Note that some paraphrasing tools intentionally make mistakes or just write nonsense to avoid Originality AI detection. However, GPTInf produces high-quality output, so it won’t take you much time to edit it. In most cases, you won’t even need to make any changes to the output.

How Much Does GPTInf Cost?

Currently, GPTInf offers different subscription plans, ranging from 10,000 to 500,000 per month. The cheapest monthly subscription comes at only $12 per month, while a yearly subscription is only $98 ($8 per month).

In general, this is one of the most reliable, cheapest, and most advanced tools up-to-date. So register now and avoid AI detection by Originality AI and other AI-detecting software.

2. Avoid Originality AI with NetusAI

NetusAI is another advanced paraphrasing software which bypasses Originality AI detection quite effectively. In addition to that, it has a summarize function, which can be quite helpful for summarizing large volumes of information. To make your essay or other content avoid AI detection, select AI Bypasser V1 or AI Bypasser V2 from the menu.

You will get 50 credits as a new user, which is 500 words. We’ve paraphrased our carrot article with Bypasser V50, and surprisingly, it took even longer than GPTInf.

For some reason, NetusAI inserted emojis throughout the text and failed to keep the initial formatting, so I had to do editing. Probably, by selecting other Bypasser versions, this issue can be eliminated. After editing, I’ve checked whether the paraphrased text can bypass Originality AI detection, and yes, it can, kind of. We’ve got a Human score of 65%.

While NetusAI output scored a little bit lower compared to GPTInf, and I also spent about 5 minutes editing it, it was able to bypass Originality AI. Considering that Netus AI provides 500 words for free, you can at least try it out yourself and see if it does the job for you.

How Much Does NetusAI Cost?

NetusAI offers 3 options to buy credits. You can either pay $19 per month to paraphrase 100,000 words and avoid Originality AI detection, pay $39 for 300,000 credits, or use the most expensive plan and pay $99 for 100,000, which is 1,000,000 words.

Or you can just use different Gmail accounts to sign in and get 500 words for free. One of the main advantages of this tool is that it is constantly updating, so no matter what algorithm Originality AI will develop, Netus AI will create a new AI bypassing model.

How do you prove my essay is not AI-generated?

One of the easiest ways to prove that your essay is not AI-generated is by using the Bible check method. Originality AI is quite inaccurate, and while they claim their percentage of false positives is rather low, it is far from reality. So, to prove that you have written your essay, you must prove that Originality AI is Inaccurate.

Check any version of the Bible written prior to 2020 or any other well-known document, such as the United States Constitution. Here are the Originality AI scan results for the International Version, N. (2011). NIV Bible EBook.

As you can see, Originality AI gives a 94% chance that an AI wrote the Bible. Sounds ridiculous, right? Just tell your professor or employer to check famous books or documents with Originality AI, and they will be surprised by the results.

Once again, I don’t approve of writing essays or anything else with an AI. You should use AI tools responsibly to brainstorm to avoid writer’s block, but not to write the whole piece with it. It’s essential to harness AI as a tool for assistance rather than a replacement for human effort and creativity. This approach promotes a balanced interaction with technology, fostering learning and personal growth.

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