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How to be a good friend: Essay

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Being a good friend is a challenging task. However, establishing a real long friendship is needed for every person. It can take years, but it is worth every single effort made. Of course, if a person wants to have a good friend, he has to be a good friend himself. Friendship depends on different aspects, and a real good friend must be perfect in relation to all these aspects.

Every person wants to find someone who can be trusted. Human beings are social, and friendship is as important for us as food, air or water. Good friends can help us in difficult situations and support us. Friends are a source of our inner energy, which helps us to live in harmony with the world. Life is a long route, and you can’t simply go all this route on your own. Each person needs a good friend. Some argue that they don’t need friends, but they are wrong. These people just have not met the people with whom they could share their happiness and sadness.

Trust is a key aspect of friendship. Friends must trust each other in order to establish reliable relationships. Good friends have to talk about their own feelings and thoughts and share everything, as it is the only way to establish trust. If you know the person really well, then you can trust everything about him or her. Sometimes good friends know us better than we do.

The second important aspect is being helpful. A good friend will always support you if it is needed, even if the situation is really difficult and can cause harm to his interests. However, years have to pass so you can be really sure that a certain person is reliable. If someone lets you down at least once, then you can’t trust him and call this person a good friend.

The third aspect is respect for each other. Of course, good friends often make jokes and laugh at each other. However, they respect each other at the same time. It is impossible to trust a person who doesn’t respect you or thinks that you are worse.
The examples above show that the recipe for being a good friend is simple and complicated at the same time. You have to perceive the other person as yourself, learn to see the world through his eyes, listen to him and hear what he says, discuss really interesting topics, not lie and not say anything out of politeness.

It is equally important to keep other people’s secrets. If someone tells a secret which was trusted to them, we involuntarily perceive this person as a traitor. Sharing secrets makes people feel closer to each other. This factor literary becomes an integral part of friendly relationships. In addition, it should be emphasized that using friends as a free labour force acting on our behalf is hypocrisy. Good friends are always equal, and no one dominates in friendship.

All arguments above show how it is difficult to be a good friend. The key to respect, helpfulness and trust is empathy and sympathy. You have to fully understand the feelings of your friend to be on the same wavelength and become a really good friend.

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