Burberry Brand Communication Strategy: Essay Example

Introduction Burberry is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. In recent years, this brand managed to achieve a high competitive advantage by implementing innovative marketing strategies, resulting in the attraction of more and more loyal customers. However, to understand what makes Burberry so effective and unique as a luxury brand, it … Read more

Employee privacy laws in different countries: Essay Example

With the growing use of the internet and various technologies in the workplace, employees, as well as employers, have become highly concerned about various privacy issues. From one point of view, employees who use the internet for personal purposes, instead of using it for business, may expose the company to huge risks, and in addition, … Read more

Gun Control: Do states that have strict gun control laws have less violent crime?

Introduction The problem of gun-related violence is extremely important in the United States. Although, since 1993, rates of firearms-related injuries declined significantly, in 2001, it still was the second leading cause of injury mortality, and in 2018 it is still quite a serious problem (Hanh et al., 2005). Each year, numerous crimes are committed with … Read more

Microsoft Zune as a Failed Project: Essay example

There are two biggest IT companies in the world, which are Microsoft and Apple. It seems that competition between these companies has lasted since they were created. Apparently, Apple has become more and more popular, and it seems that Microsoft is losing the competition. One of the brightest examples of a project that failed as … Read more

Closing the Gender Wage Gap is a Silver Bullet to Ending Poverty: Essay Example

Gender inequality is still a severe problem in the modern world. It seems that women have achieved huge success in fighting for their own rights; still, there are various factors indicating that inequality still exists, though it is not as noticeable as before. One of the most noticeable issues related to gender inequality is the … Read more

Thematic Analysis Essay Example

Check this free thematic analysis essay example to get a better understanding of the thematic analysis process. The comments will guide you through the analysis process. The major goal of this thematic analysis was to analyze interviews with people on the topic of the impact of nature on mental health condition. You see the respondents’ … Read more